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“This dental practice which Dr. Dastrup purchased over a year ago, was initially the practice of Dr. Yarborough. Since moving in 2005 to the Lake Norman area, I have been a patient of Dr. Yarborough, a dentist who in my experience was the most expert, caring and kind person one could ever hope to find practicing dentistry.

Dr. Yarborough had put together an extraordinary professional staff who over many years became not just dental providers but more like family. While I can attest to Dr. Yarborough’s skills as a dentist and a profoundly kind and decent person, I have not yet accumulated the direct experience with Dr. Dastrup that I had with Dr. Yarborough.”

Like most patients, my most frequent care was provided by Lila Phillips, Dr. Yarborough’s most experienced dental hygienist, who I would see three times a year for a thorough dental cleaning. When you see a dental professional three times a year, one gets to know the quality of the dental work. Lila Phillips is an outstanding hygienist whose expertise was as incomparable as her caring was for her patients. She was not just excellent technically. She was observant of the condition I presented and would make observations about ways in which I could improve my dental care, or give advice about how better to use an ultrasonic toothbrush or note the presence of an area of concern that I might have missed in my brushing and flossing. In other words, she would ask about my general well being in life after looking professionally at my mouth.

This kind of holistic approach is an astute way of understanding that there is a relationship between a patient’s whole life experience and what might be occurring in one’s mouth at any particular time. In my 70 plus years of dental care in four separate states, I have never had a more professional or caring dental hygienist, and this review is as much about this high-quality dental practice as it is about the extraordinary care I have received from Lila Phillips these many, many years. Regrettably, a move to another location requires that I find a new dentist and hygienist and I expect that it will be difficult to find someone with Lila Phillips combination of abilities. If you live in the Lake Norman area, I recommend this dental practice and especially recommend that you ask to be assigned to Lila Phillips for your routine visits.”

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