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Drilling and filling isn’t the only solution on the market today for treating cavities. At Dastrup Dental in Davidson, North Carolina, Joseph Dastrup, DDS, offers treatments of silver diamine fluoride, or SDF, as a way to fight back against tooth decay. To learn more about how silver diamine fluoride can help keep your mouth clean and healthy, schedule an appointment today by calling the offices or using the easy online booking tool.


What is SDF?

SDF, or silver diamine fluoride, is an antibiotic liquid used in dental procedures to help prevent the formation, growth, and spread of cavities. It consists of:

  • Silver, which kills bacteria and reinforces your dentin, the underlying protective layer of your teeth
  • Fluoride, which helps your teeth rebuild themselves in a process called remineralization
  • Ammonia, which keeps the solution concentrated
  • Water, which acts as a liquid base

SDF has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the United States since 2014.

What does SDF do?

The chemicals in SDF work to eliminate the bacteria that cause tooth decay while also preventing it from spreading to other teeth. This makes SDF an excellent treatment for preventing cavities, but it can also help to stop their development once they’ve already formed.

The benefits of SDF are numerous, and include:

  • Painless and noninvasive
  • A quick and simple procedure
  • Effective in preventing cavities
  • Effective in halting tooth decay

For patients with considerable dental anxiety, SDF provides an excellent alternative to treating cavities with a more traditional drilling procedure. It also provides a cavity treatment option for patients whose special healthcare needs prevent them from being able to be drilled.

What does an SDF treatment look like?

SDF is applied directly to the surface of your teeth in a gentle, noninvasive procedure. When you come in for an SDF treatment, Dr. Dastrup first brushes and rinses your teeth without toothpaste and removes any visible plaque. He then places cotton or gauze near your affected teeth to keep them dry, and removes any remaining moisture from your teeth with a vacuum suction tool.

Once your teeth are completely dry, he applies the SDF solution to the affected teeth using a micro brush. After the solution is given a few minutes to cure, you’re all done. To allow the solution to further cure, Dr. Dastrup advises patients to wait at least an hour before eating or drinking.

If you’re interested in learning more about how silver diamine fluoride can improve your oral health, schedule a consultation with Dr. Dastrup by calling the office or using the convenient online booking tool.