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Smile Makeover in Davidson, NC

Smile Makeover

Everyone knows that a great smile can light up a room. Unfortunately, for many people, their smiles seem to have lost their luster and don’t reflect the inner vibrancy and health they want the world to see. Dastrup Dental provides complete smile makeovers to help people in Davidson, North Carolina, rediscover the joy and confidence of a picture-perfect smile.

A smile makeover can help you get a perfect smile in Davidson, NC.

What does a Smile Makeover at Dastrup Dental involve?

At Dastrup Dental, Dr. Joseph Dastrup provides cosmetic and restorative dentistry to help transform smiles. Every individual is different and will require a unique set of procedures. Dr. Dastrup and his team will work with you to determine which procedures are best for your smile goals and provide information for health and mindset changes to help maintain your great smile for years to come. 

Smile Makeover services at Dastrup Dental may include: 

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Smile Design Process

Patient Before Undergoing A Full Smile Makeover In Davidson, NC.


Blueprint Of Dental Veneers To Be Used In Smile Makeover.


Patient From Cornelius, NC Showing Off His Brand New Smile.


Preview Your Smile Makeover with Cosmetic Smile Design

Your smile design process begins with modeling data about your teeth and mouth. Dr. Dastrup and his team will take photos and create models of your teeth, gums, and bite to accurately render an image of what your new smile will look like before treatment begins. From start to finish, the smile design process is guided by the latest scientific approaches, technology, and expertise.

This crucial planning phase ensures that our patient’s bite comes together comfortably and restorations fit perfectly. There is nothing more fun for our team than to see the transformation of our patients’ smiles and see them happy with their treatment.

Smile Makeover: Randy


A Close Up Of Food


A Close Up Of Food


Smile Makeover: Rick



Smile Makeover: Charlie


A Close Up Of A Persons Eyes


Visit Dastrup Dental for a Full Smile Makeover in Davidson, NC

A Full Smile Makeover at Dastrup Dental begins with a consultation with Dr. Dastrup to help determine which procedures and services will help achieve your best smile. From teeth whitening to implants, Dastrup Dental has the solution to restore your confidence with a perfect smile. 

Dr. Dastrup received his Master certification from the International Dental Implant Association and remains an active member of the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Dastrup and his team know that your cosmetic dentistry journey is a personal one. Therefore, you can expect the care you receive to be every bit as unique and meaningful.

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