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Invisalign Clear Braces in Davidson, NC

Invisalign Clear Braces

In addition to being healthier and more functional, straighter teeth encourage us to share our smile with the world. But for many patients, correcting misaligned teeth means one thing and one thing only: braces. The very word “braces” brings visions of metal mouths to the mind, but thankfully, there’s another option.

At Dastrup Dental, we offer the latest in clear braces—like Invisalign—to make straightening your teeth not only easier, but more relaxed and stylish too. People of all ages may benefit from straighter teeth, but conventional braces are often seen as an uncomfortable (and unsightly) reality. Invisalign gives adults and children the care they need while maintaining confidence and comfort. Best of all: no one will know you’re wearing braces unless you mention it to them!

Invisalign clear braces straighten teeth for patients in Davidson.

How does Invisalign Work?

Traditional metal braces work by nudging teeth into an ideal position over time. Invisalign works similarly, but with several key differences. Firstly, Invisalign braces are translucent, bordering on crystal clear. Secondly, unlike other braces, Invisalign applies pressure evenly across the surfaces of your teeth, giving them an advantage in both comfort and effectiveness. Finally, Invisalign braces can be removed at any time.

For your Invisalign braces, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and calculate their ideal positioning. After that, x-rays, models, and a customized treatment plan are sent to our Invisalign lab, where the aligner trays are made. Beyond that, all patients have to do is wear their Invisalign braces for 22 hours each day, removing them as needed to brush or eat/drink hot foods and liquids.

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Benefits of Invisalign

Beyond their primary benefit of being invisible, Invisalign braces have multiple advantages when it comes to early, mid, or late-life orthodontic care.

The benefits of Invisalign braces include:

  • Low to no profile
  • Easy to remove
  • Don’t require special brushes/flossers
  • No tightening appointments
  • Comfortable (no cheek irritation)
  • No dietary restrictions

Invisalign FAQs

In nearly every way that counts, Invisalign braces aren’t just equal to traditional braces—they’re better. Invisalign braces are more comfortable, less impactful on your appearance, and are every bit (if not more) effective than traditional metal braces.

Your teeth and gums are made up of living, organic material. To improve alignment, teeth are lightly “pushed” or “nudged” in the desired direction over a matter of months. Since the force required to correct alignment is minimal, so are pain and discomfort. Depending on your degree of misalignment, you may experience more or less initial discomfort (but less so than with traditional braces).

Your Invisalign braces will be unique to you. Custom fabrication is a necessary part of the process and may take up to 3 weeks.

Like traditional braces, a retainer is required after removing your Invisalign braces. Though it may seem inconvenient, a retainer will help maintain the benefits provided by the Invisalign braces in the first place.

Visit Dastrup Dental for Invisalign Braces

Dr. Dastrup knows that oral health is about more than just functionality and comfort—it’s also about confidence. When we’re confident in our smiles, we’re more likely to share them freely with our friends, family, and even with ourselves.  

At Dastrup Dental, we believe that dentistry can be comfortable and painless. Invisalign braces fare an ideal alignment solution for patients of all ages. We know that your cosmetic dentistry journey is a personal one. You can expect the care you receive to be every bit as personal and meaningful.

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