Straight Teeth Are Healthy Teeth: Why Alignment Matters

Can you say that your teeth are straight? Though we think of straight teeth as a purely cosmetic issue, it can be so much more, including a type of insurance for better overall health. Malocclusion is the medical name for misaligned teeth, and it includes all imperfectly-aligned teeth, even in cases that have more to do with the placement of the jaw. 

Few people know the connection between good teeth and good health. Dr. Joseph Dastrup and the rest of our team at Dastrup Dental like to educate all of our patients on best practices for optimum overall health. This doesn’t mean that only the healthiest among us have straight teeth. It does mean that straightening your teeth has a host of benefits for your everyday life. 

Why are some teeth crooked while others are straight?

Heredity plays a role in everything about your physical appearance, including your teeth. If your parents, their siblings, or your grandparents typically have misaligned teeth, it’s likely that you, too, will have an imperfect smile. Sometimes, though, behaviors from our childhood, sickness, or bad dental work can change the alignment of our teeth, making us more vulnerable to crooked teeth. 

We urge you to teach your children not to suck their thumbs and to wean them from bottles by age three. These behaviors can affect the way your child’s teeth grow. Tumors that grow in the mouth can also move your teeth from healthy positions to less desirable positions. Subpar dental work that uses appliances like crowns and headgear may also affect the positioning of your teeth. 

Why straight teeth are better 

Straight teeth are always in. A straight, white smile is the first thing that anyone notices about your face. With a straighter smile comes more confidence that shows through with every full smile. 

While a boost in confidence can lead to more happiness, this isn’t the only reason our team at Dastrup Dental wants to help you. Crooked teeth can pose oral and bodily health problems, not the least of which is uneven wear of your teeth. If your teeth are different heights and widths, you’re bound to have trouble chewing properly.

Crooked teeth are also more difficult to clean, increasing your chances of periodontal disease and infections. Crooked teeth can also cause muscle tension and pain, as the mouth struggles to compensate for the lack of an even bite. Choosing to have straight teeth with an even bite can take some pressure off of your teeth and may make it less likely that you’ll grind or clench your teeth while you sleep each night. 

Alignment matters a great deal to us, but it’s a personal decision to straighten your teeth. If you need more information about all of the benefits of correcting your teeth, come in to talk about the InvisalignⓇ teeth-straightening system. Call our office in Davidson, North Carolina, for an appointment or schedule one with our online tool.

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