At Dastrup Dental, we treat your child’s dental experience like a mini adventure, which includes prizes for brushing!

It is our goal to ease your child’s fears and instill in him or her a love of coming to the dentist. We pride ourselves on being a children’s dentist and a dentist for adults. Another goal? We hope to treat your child into adulthood.

Let’s look at a few tips you can use at home to instill healthy oral habits in your child for life.


Make Brushing and Flossing a Family Affair and Fun

Establish a routine that makes brushing fun—a grinning contest between siblings or parent and child. Choose flavored toothpastes that meet American Dental Association standards to keep it colorful. Flavored floss, changed up often, is also a great way to make the practice of flossing intriguing and fresh.


The Tooth Fairy Is Kind of a Big Deal

Emphasize teeth at home and the importance of adult teeth replacing baby teeth. Let your child know that losing baby teeth and gaining adult teeth is a sign that he or she is becoming a big boy or girl. And won’t the tooth fairy be impressed to discover just how well that baby tooth, buried under your child’s pillow, was cared for?


Make Going to the Dentist an Event

At Dastrup Dental, we’ll do our part to make your child love coming to our dental office. We recommend the first visit coincide with the first tooth eruption.

Meanwhile, build the experience up for your child. Let him or her know there will be a chair that goes up and down. There may even be prizes!


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We love treating children in our Davidson, NC dental office, and we love being a children’s dentist! Please contact our office to schedule an exam and a mini adventure for your child today!

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