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History of Davidson

Learning your local history will increase your cultural awareness and moral understanding of the time you live in. Also, knowing your town’s history gives you bragging rights and makes you a certified resident. You can’t claim to be a bonafide resident of Davidson without knowing about its origin.

As a family dental dentist in Davidson, Dastrup dental encourages learning history to improve community growth.

In this article, we review the history of Davidson county, the current state of the town, and the best things to do in Davidson, NC.

History of Davidson 

In the 1800s, the area called Davidson county was a settlement for plantation and farmworkers. The area began to grow when the Presbyterian church initiated a plan to establish Davidson College in 1835. It would take another 2 years before the college was officially opened. 

Davidson College became the center of the town government and managed the policing of the area. In 1879, the town was incorporated as Davidson College, acknowledging the college’s critical role in the town. At the time, most of the residents were associated with Davidson College as workers or students. However, in 1891, the town switched to its current name, Davidson. 

Between 1890 – 1994, Davidson experienced defining changes. The opening of Highway 115, community center, parks, elementary school, civic rights protest, and anti-segregation laws are notable events that took place between 1890-1994.

Davidson college store in Davidson, NC

Davidson Today 

Lying 20 miles north of North Carolina’s commercial center, Charlotte, Davidson is a small town with an equally small population. Despite the limited number of residents, Davidson is not a sleepy town. The town hosts community events year-round and has several hotels, restaurants, green spaces, and clubs to keep anyone engaged. 

Like in the 18th century, Davidson is a community town that encourages cooperation in decision-making and project execution. Before any project is signed off, there must be a public input session to assess the project and identify the best way forward.

Why Davidson is a Great Place to Live


As a small, green town, Davidson has a low noise and carbon generation score. The town limits the use of vehicles with its “no driver-thru” policy and encourages outdoor activities like walking and cycling. 

These factors make Davidson an excellent place for green living and retreats from the noisy city life. The air in Davidson is refreshing with each breath. You can take a barefoot stroll in the park without worrying about vehicle intrusions.

Supports community and family

As a town, Davidson upholds one of the fundamental values that built America, community. The town supports family values and community work. So the “hello” and “how are you” are somewhat personal. If you’re new to town and want to connect with the community, visit the restaurants and attend community events.

The advantage of a small community is that most of your neighbors are friends or acquaintances you can call by name. If you want to trade living in a sea of people (city life) for living in a small town with friendly people, then Davidson is a great place to stay.

Sufficient Infrastructure 

Davidson has several dental practices, hospitals, gyms, schools, and housing for the residents and visitors. 

In the Davidson Historic District, you’ll find a well-preserved array of houses, mills, churches, civic buildings, and centers that show the national and traditional building styles from the mid-19th to 20th century.  

Top 4 things to do in Davidson

Besides accommodation and healthcare infrastructure, another factor that attracts residents is the entertainment landscape. Davidson does not drop the ball in this area. The town has several popular fun spots and a few hidden gems you would like to explore.

For this article, we will review 4 things to do in Davidson town.

#1 Festivals and community events – Davidson has a calendar full of activities. The best events are the Davidson Fall Art Festival, Halloween march, Christmas in Davidson, and a taste of Davidson. From the titles of these events, you can guess their core themes and characteristics accurately. 

If you’re an art enthusiast, the Davidson Fall Art Festival is a must-see. For community bonding and networking, attend “a taste of Davidson” event. 

#2 Explore the parks – If you love physical activity, the town of Davidson parks has so much in store for you. Roosevelt Wilson Park is a popular park in Davidson. The park features a water fountain, picnic area, boardwalks, paved walking trails, a playground, a memorial tree garden, public restrooms, and lots of geese.

The park’s open spaces make it suitable for family picnics, bird watching, and physical games. Kids love it here, and adults have a great time too.

#3 Follow the trails and paddle through the lakes – As a green community, Davidson encourages health and wellness through physical activity. The town has over 4 miles of bike trails and green paved ways to encourage physical activity. 

The greenways make it easy to explore the town on foot and up close. So don’t forget to pack your breathable shoes and sunscreen when visiting Davidson. 

For some kayaking and canoeing action, visit Lake Davidson and Lake Norman. Both lakes are great spots for fishing and other water activities.

#4 Food Hunting – Davidson has an active restaurant industry and rich dining culture. Having over 10 restaurants means that residents and visitors can try cuisines and experience fine dining in 10 different ways. Visit Kindred Restaurant for an exquisite dining experience. If you want globally inspired meals, Restaurant X is a colorful bistro that serves the best meals in town. 

Kindred Restaurant, Davidson


Davidson is a great place to visit and live in. The town has enough facilities to accommodate single, young, and old families. For more information, read our top 10 things to do in Davidson.

If you’re visiting or moving to Davidson and want to transfer your dental services, Dastrup dental is one of your best options. We are positioned to serve out of town, new and old residents easily and efficiently. 

Our dental services are personalized and affordable. We are focused on your overall well being because we believe the mouth is a double passageway that influences overall health.  

Dastrup dental, an affordable family dentist in Davidson, NC
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