Cavities are one of the most common ailments children encounter. Decay in baby teeth can result in a lost tooth, which puts the permanent teeth at risk for misalignment when they erupt. Fortunately, tooth decay is highly preventable! It’s a great idea to look into children’s dentistry in Davidson, NC when your child is very young. Combined with good at-home care, you can help set your child up for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.


Early Dental Checkups

Age one isn’t too early to visit the dentist! The American Pediatric Association recommends visiting the dentist when your child’s first tooth appears, which is usually around their first birthday. At early dental exams, your dentist will discuss nutrition, teeth cleaning, and any problematic habits.


Make Brushing and Flossing Fun

Brightly colored toothbrushes and fun toothpaste flavors are only the start of instilling good attitudes towards dental health. Make tooth brushing “together time,” with singing, kid-friendly timers, and plenty of smiles.


Limit Sweets and Snacking

Everyone knows that sweets can contribute to tooth decay, but did you know that frequent snacking does, too? That’s because snacking leaves food particles behind that may not be removed for hours. Also, snacking often consists of sugary drinks and foods, such as sodas and cookies. Sugar hides in many foods like yogurt and cereals, so it’s a good idea to have set snacking times that coincide with brushing and flossing.


No Bedtime Bottle

Although children may find it comforting, bottles and sippy cups at bedtime are a recipe for cavities. When kids drink milk or juice in bed without brushing, a sticky film coats their teeth that can turn into plaque.


Regular Dental Visits

Twice-yearly dental exams give your dentist a chance to inspect your child’s teeth for any tooth decay or gum issues. A dental cleaning ensures that no plaque or tartar gains a foothold in young mouths! Your dentist can use sealants and fluoride treatments on your child’s teeth to protect them even more.


Call us today to schedule an appointment for children’s dentistry in Davidson, NC. We love kids and their parents!

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