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Patient Testimonials

We love happy patients and will make sure that every experience you have at Dastrup Dental exceeds your expectations. Of course, hearing from other patients about their experience with us also helps!

Read some of our reviews below. We look forward to seeing your smile.

Dastrup Dental Patient Testimonial

Gary K.

This dental practice which Dr. Dastrup purchased over a year ago, was initially the practice of Dr. Yarborough. Since moving in 2005 to the Lake Norman area, I have been a patient of Dr. Yarborough, a dentist who in my experience was the most expert, caring and kind person one could ever hope to find practicing dentistry. Dr. Yarborough had put together an extraordinary professional staff who over many years became not just dental providers but more like family. While I can attest to Dr. Yarborough's skills as a dentist and a profoundly kind and decent person, I have not yet accumulated the direct experience with Dr. Dastrup that I had with Dr. Yarborough.

Like most patients, my most frequent care was provided by Lila Phillips, Dr. Yarborough's most experienced dental hygienist, who I would see three times a year for a thorough dental cleaning. When you see a dental professional three times a year, one gets to know the quality of the dental work: Lila Phillips is an outstanding hygienist whose expertise was as incomparable as her caring was for her patients. She was not just excellent technically: she was observant of the condition I presented and would make observations about ways in which I could improve my dental care, or give advice about how better to use an ultrasonic toothbrush or note the presence of an area of concern that I might have missed in my brushing and flossing. In other words, she would ask about my general well being in life after looking professionally at my mouth. This kind of holistic approach is an astute way of understanding that there is a relationship between a patient's whole life experience and what might be occurring in one's mouth at any particular time. In my 70 plus years of dental care in four separate states, I have never had a more professional or caring dental hygienist, and this review is as much about this high-quality dental practice as it is about the extraordinary care I have received from Lila Phillips these many, many years. Regrettably, a move to another location requires that I find a new dentist and hygienist and I expect that it will be difficult to find someone with Lila Phillips combination of abilities. If you live in the Lake Norman area, I recommend this dental practice and especially recommend that you ask to be assigned to Lila Phillips for your routine visits.

Roger O'Connell

Dr. Dastrup is great! He has really helped me and given me good advice. Our entire family goes to see him. The team is also very helpful.

Katie L.

This office is absolutely the best! They are always smiling and going above and beyond. The girls are fantastic. Dr. Dastrup is so compassionate and is an excellent dentist!

Nikki C.

I absolutely love this entire office! From the moment you walk in you can tell everyone loves their jobs. Dr. Dastrup truly cares about his patients and it totally shows after talking to him for only a few minutes!

Susan G.

Dr. Dastrup goes above and beyond to ensure the best dental care possible. Very professional and always one time. Such a great experience, our entire family loves “Dr Joe”!

Garit G.

Joe is by far the best dentist we have ever had the privilege of visiting and one of the best people you will ever meet. He has a fantastic way of relating to his patients with honesty and integrity. My family and I are all huge fans and you can be sure you and your family are in good hands with his team. Thanks, Joe!

Jen S.

Dr. Dastrup and his staff are a top-notch team. They are extremely thorough, answering all my questions; I never feel like my visit is rushed. I would strongly recommend this practice to anyone looking for dental care.

Doug W.

As a recent transfer to North Carolina and Davidson, I found myself recommending both to friends 'Up North'.....and in the process realized that we had found ourselves in the hands of the best practice of dentistry we have experienced in six decades of our family of five. Dr. Dastrup--- and those supporting his practice--- are literally "worth writing home about.'

Jose C.

Dr. Dastrup and his team treated me like I was their #1 customer. The Receptionist is very respectful and informative along with the rest of his team. I couldn't ask for a better dentist. The 5-star establishment I recommend every and anyone to at least visit his practice.

Becky A.

I was so nervous after my dentist of 30+ years retired. I could not be more pleased with Dr. Dastrup and his staff. Everyone is kind, professional and courteous. Dr. Dastrup continuously makes sure you're comfortable. The end results are perfect. I had a dental nightmare when I tried someone close to home. The commute to Dr. Dastrup is well worth It! You will not be disappointed.

Ieslie P.

I not only had the pleasure to work for Dr. Dastrup as an assistant, but I was also a patient before relocating back on the west coast. I highly recommend Dr. Dastrup. He is such a kind, caring gentle, perfectionist & by far one of the BEST most excellent dentists I’ve worked for in my 19 years in dentistry. His work is impeccable!!! His cosmetics cases are so natural looking & beautiful. The entire team strives to provide you with the best dental care experience, spending time with you to ensure you fully understand your dental health & needs. He regularly attends continuing education dental courses to stay on top of all the advances in dentistry to provide his patients with the best care possible & creating beautiful smiles.
His staff is all so kind & caring and will welcome you into the practice and make you feel at home & like a part of the Dastrup Dental Family.

Adriana B.

Dr. Dastrup and his team are dental superstars! You walk into this gorgeous office and are greeted with smiles and kindness immediately! They even offer you a coffee and water while you wait (which isn't long enough to drink your coffee lol)!! Dr. Dastrup and his team are super sweet and very professional- you get a healthy dose of southern hospitality. This is the ONLY office in Davidson to consider- excellent dentistry with awesome people.

Isabelle P.

Dr “Joe” Dastrup is a caring professional. When a patient is strapped into the dentist chair, he cedes self-control to the dentist. He needs the assurance of a gentle and considerate procedure. Dr. Dastrup provides that gentle and considerate care. While it is noteworthy that he has updated tools and techniques, it is this kind of assurance that is so important. If I were a young mother, Dr. Dastrup would be my choice for my children. We are so fortunate to have Dr. Joe in our community.

Leah E.

Dr. Dastrup has provided excellent service in a professional and timely fashion. His office is well run with a friendly and competent staff. I can highly recommend him as an outstanding dentist.

Joe T.

The technicians at this practice are great, very knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Dastrup is a very good dentist with a lot of experience, expertise and he cares about his patients and wants them to get the best care possible. The office is also very nice, highly recommended.

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